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Consulting Services

Assisting with new business development initiatives, our Team helps ensure the success of your business plans.


Staff Assignments

WorkflowA DataDawg consultant can assist you with business processes and workflow that are efficient. We offer Startup guidelines for your new Company's needs or an efficiency analysis of your existing Company's business processes and workflow..

Procedure DataDawg provides individual assessments of your planned and existing Company procedures toward successful implementation of business objectives.

Staff Assignments Automation
Based upon existing and projected work loads, our Team can assist in planning Staff Assignments for your Company's new projects and programs. A DataDawg consultant can assess your planned or existing business processes for potential automation of routine workflow.
Integration Building and Managing Teams
Integration of open Technologies and Applications provides better opportunities for efficient collaboration among staff. Your DataDawg consultant can assist with planning and implementing Integrated systems. Building and managing collaborative teams are paramount to the success of your Company's projects. DataDawg can provide this service, relieving your Company's management of the task.
Business Processes Problem Analysis, Tracking and Resolution
An analysis of your Company's Business Processes can often lead to more profits through new technologies, integration and workflow modifications. DataDawg can provide a team to analyze and make recommendations for improved business processes. Has your Company identified a problem with a current business process, technology in use or workflow? Your DataDawg consultant can analyze the problem, track the problem consistency and offer advice for the resolution of the problem.
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