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Database Design and Development

Database Services

DataDawg offers database design and development for stand alone, enterprise and web based databases. Your DataDawg consultant will assess your database objectives and recommend a solution tailored to fit your needs.

Database Design

The first step in defining database design is to assess the objectives of the data capture. The business objectives may be as limited as a stand alone database with access by a single employee to a complex, real-time web based system for an online retail outlet. Your DataDawg Team can design and develop a customized database to suit your individual Company's needs.

Stand Alone The Stand Alone database is suited to single or small number of multiple users for data collection such as Contact Management.

Enterprise The Enterprise solution is geared toward the larger data set with the data stored in a back-end database such as SQL Server, and the processes handled by a front end database. This type of application is more suited to the larger data set such as an online retail outlet, building contractor, service professionals, etc.

Web Based Database Web based databases are useful to employees who travel or work at home and need access to current data. Data can be retrieved, entered or modified by remote users.
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